Women’s Commision

During the February 2016 board meeting, members of the board recommended starting a women’s commission to focus on the recruitment, retention and development of girls in the KYU. The following document and items were results / recommendations of the commission with several of these items already being put into place.

Women’s Commission

Increasing women’s participation in KYU

Concerns girls have and the challenges they face:

  • Lack of other girls discourages girls from joining teams and staying on them
  • Coaches and teammates who think their gender makes them contribute less to the team, and resulting resentment makes an uncomfortable environment
  • Not being thrown to, therefore they improve slower than boys
  • More experienced girls get played more and are more involved in the game
  • Gender based heckling after a mistake
  • Some girls wonder if they’ll be able to compete with physically larger boys

What to do:

Within the youth league:

  • Try having a quota of female players so current players will recruit their friends
  • Expectation that schools will have girls on their team and be putting them on the field
  • Have girls play at least every other point instead of the first half of games
  • Do not require a team without a girl to “play down”
  • If KYU hosts a tournament, include a girls division
  • Form a girls team that has regular practices, possibly scrimmages with other teams in the league and goes to tournaments. Girls will prefer the idea of a women’s team over being the only girl on their school’s team
  • Host skills clinics for girls and women every few months. This will encourage girls to play and allow women of all ages to build an ultimate community in Knoxville.
  • Increase social media presence with:
    • Announcements about games, summer league, pickup opportunities.
    • Follow mixed and women’s college or club teams
    • Re-post pictures/video of women playing
    • Post articles that talk about women’s ultimate
    • Have a FAQ page with general information, this page should make it clear that girls are welcome
    • Post lots of pictures/video of weekend games so girls will show them to their friends, who then may want to join a team

Within the school:

  • Create and maintain a social media page. This page should give information about the sport, invite girls to play, and give information about the team itself (practice dates, coaches, current players)
  • Advertising the team and the need for more girls through school announcements
  • Within the team:
  • Ensure that girls are actively involved in practice (getting the disc) so they have opportunities to improve
  • Putting girls on the field during games
  • involving them in set plays (tells them they are contributing to the team)


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