2017 Mission Statement

Parents, Coaches, Players, and Friends

We hope that 2016 has been a successful year for you. We are thankful for the thought and effort that you have put into this league, and because of it, 2016 was a success for us. We have set out three goals, and have had successes of them. We have had other successful ventures as well, and we have two new goals.

Our first goal was the launching of a website. Due in large part to our Director of Media Relations, Josh Mayor, we have been able to create https://sites.google.com/site/knoxvilleyouthultimate/ as our official website. However, we are close to releasing another website, www.knoxvilleyouthultimate.com, which should combine ease of access with a streamlined interface. This new website is an example of the progression of the league.

Our second goal was to have 8 schools represented in our league. In Spring of 2016 we had reached the goal, and then repeated the feat in the Fall. We are in communications to expand to another school in Cookeville, and we hope to have Chattanooga repeat representation this year.

Our final goal was to have three women per team in the league. Though women’s inclusion was higher than it had ever been, unfortunately we have only had 2.7 women per team. We have had a women’s commission, led by Kailee Carr and Aubrey Bell, and have placed their recommendations on our website for perusal by all. We plan on continuing expansion of both women’s voices and women’s participation, in order that we may become a more inclusive league.

This brings us to our goals for 2017. In addition to the above goals, we have two new goals for the coming year. We plan on having an even more efficient website with a completely paperless interface, including payment and insurance documentation, and we plan on having a field to call KYU’s own. We also will introduce the first women’s scrimmage March 4th. We plan on hosting State, the first time in Knoxville’s history.

If there are other ideas for improvement of the league, we urge cooperation with participants of the league to help us improve as a league.

Finally, we wish to remember Michael Buckley-Durst, a member of STEM who passed January 12, 2016. His play was inspired, but his spirit was an inspiration to all who knew him. It is partially because of people like him who made the league the movement and organization it is.

So, in conclusion, 2016 was a year of successes, and also a year that required reflection. It is with strong resolution that we make 2017 a memorable and wildly successful year.


Board of Directors, Knoxville Youth Ultimate.


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