2016 Mission Statement

First off, thank you for your continued participation with KYU. We appreciate the work that each of you, whether you are a parent, coach, or student, have put to making KYU the most well-attended youth league in Tennessee.

In order for us to progress as a league, we understand that there are some changes that need to take place to ensure our continued success. We know that while we have experienced some growth as an organization, there are still hurdles that we face in order to reach the type of success that can continue to keep Knoxville a great place to play ultimate. With that in mind, we invite you to peruse our goals as an organization, and what we plan on doing to achieve those goals.

We want Knoxville to host a tournament that includes out of city teams by the end of 2016. It is our goal to show other teams what sort of community that we have in Knoxville, and with that in mind, we seek to host a tournament in Knoxville to include either the Tennessee State Championship, a tournament in the summer, or a high school tournament in the fall. When we do host a tournament, anybody interested in volunteering please feel free to contact any member of the Board.

We want to expand KYU to 8 schools by the end of 2016. We know that the league runs better if there is more diversity of teams. We also recognize that there are some teams that have been unable to play due to conflicts of schedules. Our goal is to continually recruit coaches to allow for numerous schools to play even if some of them are unable to play for a semester. Again, if you are interested, please contact a member of the Board.

We want each team to have three women on their squad. The Board understands that gender diversity is key to ensuring that an inclusive community occurs. In order to combat low numbers of women, the Board has created a commission including Kailee Karr and Aubrey Bell to give the Board direction as far as policy proposals to consider. If you have any ideas or concerns dealing with that issue, please contact one of them or a Board member.

Again, thank you for everything that you have done to ensure that our league is a success and please know that our Board meetings are the first Tuesday of every month  time and location TBD and posted 1 week prior to board meetings.

With hope for the future,

Knoxville Youth Ultimate Board of Directors


We're busy playing Ultimate right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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